How do you comment on watch faces

People are leaving comments and rist selfies againt my watches. I can see them next the the number of syncs in the create view. How are they doing that. I can find a way anywhere to comment on faces im viewing?

I think you do it via the phone app…

Oh ok. Didn’t see it. I must need to try harder👍

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Nope still can’t find it :flushed:

This works for me …

On the app, select someone’s watch to access that watch’s details.

Scroll down to the bottom.

For me there is the list of past comments and a large comment button.

That’s bizzare. I don’t have that option on my views?

Maybe it’s not supported on the iOS version?

That’s correct, the iOS version does not support comments yet, but it’s on the near term roadmap. Stay tuned!


That’s cool. At least I’m not going mad :crazy_face:

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Oh please Hurry…so many watches deserve good feedback!!!