How do you deal?

I am a Grandma that loves to spend her time making faces for the people I know and anyone else that might enjoy the things I do. My faces are simple and fun. My faces will always be free and I never want to become a Premium Designer, mainly because I’ll never have the skills they do or anywhere near.

There are 2 members here (wont mention names) that has continued to cause problems for me since I joined 2 months ago. I have no idea why they have it out for me (and a couple of other members here) yet they continue their bullying tactics towards us.

Ive had several members PM me asking why this person dislikes me so much, and again I have no clue. I refuse to feed into people trying to start drama and will never entertain such things here. When I joined i was told this was a very Happy place to be and everyone is very nice…for the most part this is true and I love it .

Can someone please help me maybe even in a PM how i can deal with these haters?

And IF for some strange reason I have offended anyone here please let me know its never my intention to do such. Im just here for fun and you will NEVER see me posting a negative comment towards anyone, weather it is direct or sideways comment. I promote a positive environment. I would like to hear from the Facer staff Please. Thank you

Thanking you all in advance GrammyLove

Hey! I’m very new here, so I can’t really say I’ve personally seen the hate, but I’ve definitely seen how supportive you are fo everyone here!

I am so sorry you’re going through this! If you need anyone to talk to or even help drafting messages or just someone to listen feel free to chat with me! I think you’re amazing and ill do whatever I can to help and support you!

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That was very nice. Thank you soo much. Its just sad when people have to make hateful comments towards others in hopes they can make them leave for whatever reason. I had 2 members message me saying this person is meen and asked why…again i have no idea.

Those members knows who this hateful person is, because at first they thought the person was making the snide remarks against them untill the meen comments kept comming and it was clear at that particular time they were targeting me.

This community is supposed to be a Positive environment and helpful to everyone of all types of face makers.

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Sorry you have had to deal with jerks like that. There is no sense in anyone acting like that on here. I’ve met a lot of great people and haven’t had any issues, but it seems like there are always a few people who have to ruin it for others. Have you contacted Facer about these people?


Yes Ive contacted them …and proved to them it wasnt just me that had a problem with their smart arse comments…But I havent heard from the Staff yet.

Its not just me this person attacks, they go off on other members too . Ive only had issues with 2 people and several signs points to them being one and the same person…there are several ways to prove that if the Facer staff wants to…Im sure the facer staff will address this when they get a chance…Last thing they want is a negative vibe in their community. I just need to be patient.

Thank you so much for your kind words . AND thank you to those that sent me a PM. At least i know It wasnt me just being sensitive to such bullying and others feel the same.

I’m sorry to read this. This group always seemed to have very supportive members. I don’t have a chance to read all the comments in the discussions, but I don’t recall seeing any “hateful comments”. It is often easy to misinterpret things that are posted in online forums and in private messages. Perhaps all is just a matter of misinterpretation. Have you asked the two people why they seem to be so unfriendly toward you?

Its not just towards me. Its towards several of us members. I could only wish it was all just a matter of misinterpretation. But when several people view the comments as attacking and snippy and degrading and such…one would tend to think its not misinterpretation. Especially when the comments jumps from topic to topic and doesnt focus on One certain person.

Maybe this post will Help this person(s) to open their eyes and think before they post, just how their words are going to sound and ask themselves (IS this a positive and helpful uplifting comment?).

The reason i havent addressed this with the person is because everytime I’ve attempted a discussion or join in a conversation…the snyde remarks start flying and solves nothing.

One member said maybe this person feels threatened by me being here. I would have NO idea why…I am nobody. Im just here for fun and to make basic faces for those people that like the same things I do.

I am not a threat to anyone in any way. I have over 10,000 cell phone wallpaper images on my computer that are all free to use as long as I dont sell any of them…All my faces are free and will remain so.

There is no infringement involved of any kind. Before retiring and becoming somewhat disabled , I was a private investigator for a huge corporate law office on Ventura blvd in Encino Ca. and I ran this by them to confirm that there was 0 infringement of any kind.

Im just a fun loving person that maintains 0 drama in my life. I actually dont want to get anyone in trouble. I just want to get along and continue to make faces …even if they are very basic. My friends love them and as long as they make one person smile. Im happy.

SO I say this…directed to the person in question" HUGS and Im sorry if I ever did upset you or am doing something that is NOT up to your standards of face making. Please let it go and lets all just get along and have fun. Thus Keeping Facer as awesome as it already is … again HUGS

P.S. Thank you goes out to all that has responded and to those Premium Designers that sent me hugs.

There are all types of people in online communities. Not everyone’s native language is English so there is always a possibility of misinterpretation. As long as community rules are not violated I wouldn’t worry. If comments that upset you jump from topic to topic and do not focus on you, don’t let them bother you. Just ignore them and enjoy your time here.

This person appears to speak perfect english. So really no room for misinterpretation there.

On the other hand, my husband had a good point. Maybe just maybe this is the way this person is IRL and isnt even aware that they are coming across to people like this. I do know people that are just naturally hurtful in their comments and it comes so natural that they arent even aware that they are doing it. Others see it, so its just not me that its bothering.

Maybe after this person has read this post. It will encourage them to take a look at what they’re posting before hitting the Reply button. Now that they know that others are talking about them and their comments. And maybe it will encourage everyone (including person in question) to take a moment to make sure their comments are Helpful and uplifting. This goes for the backwards comments also that sound like a compliment but meant as a jab.

Im going to let this topic fade away and pray that it does some good.