How do you feel about Google's big Wear OS (and Tizen and Fitbit) news today?

I just read this article from Android Police about the now announced Google/Samsung alliance in watch software development. How do you feel about Google’s big Wear OS (and Tizen and Fitbit) news today? I can say without a doubt that it’s going to get interesting in the wearable marketplace very soon!


Yeah, I’m really happy about this. I think it will only benefit the continued growth of smartwatches. Honestly, I don’t care much about the apps, I just want there to be a reason for the hardware end of things to continue to be invested in so we get better and better watches. A unified OS with the combined resources of the major non-apple players should give the hardware makers incentive to keep developing the tech.


Well, I’m happy too and I agree with @kvansant, it’s a great chance for smartwatches and an input for major developments in the future. I think it should be also an improvement for all involved in this “alliance”, everyone of them gets what it missed: performance and major health management for Google, apps for Tizen and a smartwatch ecosystem for Fitbit (or at least I think so, don’t know if you agree).