How do you maximise your download?

Hi All,

Quick question to the successful designers here:
How do you (or rather did you) maximise your downloads?

I was “lucky” enough to get 1 face feaured and I saw my download increase greatly.
Then, for no appearant reason the face was unfeatured (which is fair enough, nothing is expected to last forever) and the download of course decreased to a close to nothing.

So, without counting on any type of “help” from the official Facer team who may decide to expose your face to the masses or not (via featuring, or via including it into the daily mix), how do you guys maximise your exposure?


Twitter, google plus, facebook.

Edit and repost your most popular face that is older than half of a year.
I did it with the first version of my Premise watch and now it have 4000 syncs.

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Good tip Mellin on re-posting an older face, I may try that (in some time).
As for the rest, I agree on the Social media aspect. No pain no gain. But you still need a minimum level of exposure somewhere.
I mean, not point updating your FB Watch Page every day for your gran’ma and a mate who doesn’t even have a Smart Watch.

I mean, there is a need for a minimum critical mass to foster on it and make it grow.
Maybe I was given an opportunity with that feature and back then I didn’t seize it. fuel for thoughts if it happens again…

Thanks for your answers anyway,

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keep designing new faces and promote them on here , reddit, facebook, twitter and G+