How do you show indicators for hot and cold

Hello facer
Is there an expression to show hot and cold. For ex I have circle images. I want to use one circle to be blue to show cold so I want to know expression to use to change the color from blue to purple. Purple representing it’s below freezing. Do when temperature outside is 31f the circle will be purple to show below freezing same I want to do for hot
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i want to show color for hot and cold temp

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Can anyone help please

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Hi @asiannc81 , one way to do it is to use a conditional expression in the Opacity setting. For example,


This expression will tell the color “Blue” for example, that the element will be visible if the temperature outside is 33F or above.

Then do the same for the other color you want for below freezing.

$#WCT#<=32?100:0$ this is for the color you want below freezing temperatures.

The expression: $#WCT#>=32?100:0$ Every conditional expression starts and ends with the “$” symbol. The “#WCT#” is the value of the current local temperature. The “>” is the symbol for “Higher/Bigger than”. The same is for the “<” symbol signifies “Lower/Smaller than”. Equal expression symbol “=” (easy). The number, in this case 32, is the temperature you choose to determine the action of the expression. In this case, 33 is just 1 degree for water freezing temperature but you can choose whatever number/temperature you want to determine the action. The “?” is just the symbol to tell Facer that the condition expression ends there. The “100” in this case is for Opacity 100, completely visible, and 0 not visible at all.

You can use the conditional expressions for any element settings on the right side of Facer. I hope this helps! Have a wonderful day @asiannc81 ! :handshake::handshake::handshake::wink: