How fast has your watch faces blown up

How fast have you gotten to 10 or more syncs?

I have gotten 13 in one day.

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Well done, and welcome to the Community :smiley:

Welcome @PuppyHugger It used to be if you got 20 in a day you got in the charts . Not so these days and you have to chose your day . Monday Morning . ( count is reset on Sunday and some stuff is cleared off )


It would be interesting to know the rules.
I had watchfaces with more than 100 syncs in the first few hours and they didn’t make the top 100.

Then again some did make the top 100 with the same number of syncs.
So sync are not the guarantee…

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I have not gotten any WearOS watch face into the charts yet. My best watch face has 2356 syncs.

Now on the Apple side, it seems a bit different, I tracked the stats of my best face:
27th March: 1st sync
27th March: 50 syncs
28th March: 100 syncs, rank 61
2nd April: 500 sync, rank 15
10th April: 1000 syncs, rank 11
Today: 1137 sync, rank 13

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Tom . I am very surprised you have not had Loads of WOS Faces in the Charts . But Faces like your Crypto are Niche and Appeal to Makers . If you want to get in the Charts you need 3 or 4 Faces that follow the trend . You need to Keep one in there . I think lots Just look at the Charts as Fresh Faces is a Joke with multiple Publications . You are very capable of imitateting the Style required to get in there .Also publish early Monday morning after the Sunday Reset .
Also do a Promo on Here and Facer Facebook .

Yes, might try something and also with promo. I want to retire early, I want more time !!! 7 years to go…

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