How is it I have a premium face?

So I’m obviously not a premium maker, how is it that one of my faces is a premium face?

So I have done a bit of research, and s/o to theantisocialguy for his reply to a prior post.

He says this

Ok. So if you added a touch (Or premium) option your face gets premiumed? And if so, if you’re not a premium user do you pay to use that face? And if so then who’s getting the money?

So yes if you add a premium option a free user cannot sync it

If I am not a premium user, I have to buy facer premium before I can sync your face, I don’t pay for the face, just the premium

Ah ok. Just wanted to make sure they weren’t selling my face without comp. That was a strange thing to say…

But…if one’s watch face causes someone to go premium to get it…shouldn’t one get a little kickback from that?

You only get paid if you are invited to the Partner program, the rest costs money :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no real way to reliably track or prove that a user went premium for a specific watch though.

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