How make Side indicator

Hello every one
How to make Side indicator moving like slide .
And we make it as step goal .
Please provide the code

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We covered this in the test I made for you in a previous Topic.

I used the Peters Perfect Descriptive Maths so it could be self explanatory.

X position Formula for slider Bar.


320 is the length of the bar in pixels.

-140 is the number of pixels from the left for the offset for the start of the slide.

I hope you get it working OK.

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Nice one @russellcresser :+1:
@faizyaqou as you can see from your screenshot above, that image is not Free to use, so you will have to ask permission to use it or create your own ok.

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this bar i wanna use , the code move is work . but still not in right position
i need the movement from right to left .

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You have to put a minus in there. Have a play. Out at the moment.

a minus ? Do you can give me code for that

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Go back and look at the other Test . I will modify that rather than starting another . Putting a Minus in a Formula is a bit of VooDoo you must learn .

To change direction of action defined by formula, you have to change the sign (negate), the coordinate has to be reduced where it used to increase and vice versa

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As Peter says . You have to play with this stuff a bit yourself to get a Handle on it .


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thank you so much mate yeah i have increase the value a bit
(420-((#ZSC#)*(260/10000))) is work

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Cool. Well done.