How many Watch Faces can I have stored?

Hi, I searched through the forums, but can’t find any answer to my question.
Today, I have created a watchface. Saved it, tried to publish it, but after writting a caption and enter the hashtags, system told me that the watchface is published, but it actually is nowhere. Tried it 4 times with no result.
So, how many watchfaces can I actually have created on my profile? I have 3 published and 1 as a non-published design, but no more watchfaces can be added?
Thanks for your reply and have a nice weekend guys!

As far as i know, the number of watch faces in your profile is unlimited. There are user with 1000+.

Maybe another fault happened while publishing?

Can you see it in the creator overview window (Drafts and published watch faces)?

Nope, tried to publish the watch face 4 times. Once last night and 3 times today in the morning. Certainly, everytime I had to create it again, because no, it didn’t get saved in the creator page.
Fortunately I managed to transfer the watchface in my Galaxy Watch, so atleast I can see my creation :smiley:

EDIT: Found the reason why my watchface gets lost :smiley:
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I get this info only when I click “view” watchface right after I try to publish it. That’s why I didn’t get any notification, because after publishing I clicked “My profile” :slight_smile:

Hello mihals,
I’m not sure what the problem was unless your design was not original. Perhaps using Facer’s logo for your profile image may have had something to do with it as well. It may give members the impression that you are Facer Staff.

Oh, that facer logo as my profile pic was not ment to be a staff thing. I will remove that asap!
I have created watchface with the known ///M logo that BMW has. That might be the problem…

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