How many watch faces can you have on S3 at the same time?

Hi everybody,
Im an ios user with Samsung S3 and with the recent support update i now can download facers watch faces on my S3. Now Ive noticed i cannot have more than 10 watch faces on my S3 at the same time. Once i reach 10, every watch face i download, it automatically deletes one of the existing faces. Can somebody please conform that or is there anything i can do to increase the number of watch faces on my S3?

From what I know all watches cannot have more faces then 10 on them.

That is correct, we limit the number of recently synced faces on the watch itself to 10, but we are seeing a lot of users wanting more than that and may roll out a solution for it soon.

Thank you both. That’s correct cause with Samsung gear S I can have more than 30-40 faces- or even more! Guess with Facer app you can have max of 10 faces for now. It would be really nice if the cap is increased tho. Facers faces are the best!!!
Thanks again