How the heck do I reply to review?

I’d like to help out someone who is experiencing technical issues with a watchface - how do I reply to their comments on my watchface? I cannot see their comments in anything by the email notifications I get.

You’re not alone. I usually just post a comment but never really have any idea if they see it.

Best i can tell You can only see comments on the mobile app

I tracked the person down via facebook and chatted with them using messemger…

I also have this problem, I never know if they see my answers.

Yup ya gotta use the mobile app which is just annoying. Hopefully the team at Facer are onto it, they’re normally pretty good at this sorta stuff…

We were actually just working on this today :wink: Fingers crossed we can get this out for you guys soon.

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:tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

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