How to add a delay to the smooth second hand motion?

i was hoping to create a fading second hand motion by using 4 second hands each with a slight delay and different opacity setting. Ideally it would be 1/4 second delay on each one but i have noticed a second hand with 6 ticks per second and would be happy to use that if its easier.

I’m pretty new to this so if you could explain what each number does in the expression that would be helpful also but not essential of course.

thanks in advance for any help on this subject.

Arty Pea

If you want them to be apart the same amount of space the entire time (which the smooth seconds suggest), It would be easier/prettier to create the faded second hand in an image editor and use that instead of a default second hand.

If you want to go with 4 hands, you can use #DWFSS#-2 or whatever number you want.

If you want a tick with a trail, that’s a different story…


Inspection enabled:


thanks for yet another worthwhile lesson ThaMattie, much appreciated :+1:

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