How to add expressions correctly

Hi @all,

my name is Uli and I’m an absolut Newby :slight_smile:
I’m just trying to add an expression to my face, for example (round(#ALT#))
Once it is done, the Altidude is shown in the facer-App in my browser - but there is now only the number of meters shown, the expression has gone…
What is my fault?

I try this for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic LTE 47mm, using a Galaxy S22 ultra phone.

Greetings to all

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Hi, it’s me again…

Now i tried the expression extended with the unit “meter” at the end, will say:
(round(#ALT#)) m
What happens: my face is shrinking on my monitor and then vanishes completly - oups!

From what you describe, I can only guess, but it seems like you wrote the expression in text field directly on the canvas area. You should put the formula into the field on properties panel.


Does your watch have a barometric sensor?

If not, Facer may estimate it from GPS or you location, not really sure. Anyhow, make sure all sensors are allowed to be used by Facer as well as location.


@petruuccios1 : match ! :upside_down_face: That will not only save this but many problems

@tom.vannes : yes, it has - and all permissions are granted

Thanks to all!