How to add Music Player button?

I am new here and started using Facer Creator today. I have a previous face design that was submitted to Samsung using the GWD. I have a button to access the music player on my Gear S3, but I see that even with the paid subscription to Facer, I can find no option to add this button in Facer. Is there a workaround or something I am missing here? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi! Nop, there’s no option for that for now. Feel free to ask for the feature in the proper category of the forum! Greetings!

Thanks. Sorry for using the wrong forum.

You asked the question in the right place, don’t worry. Just for ask for an specific feature you wanna be added in the future, community has a specific category where developers read our needs… Greetings!

Ok, thanks! I find it useful to have a music button on my watch face and have it added using GWD for my Samsung Gear.

Here I am trying to reinvent the wheel. Still no update on this, I guess. I don’t see any option to add music controls to my watch face. :pensive:

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