How to Add or Update My Reply to a Review?

How do I update my reply to a review, or at least post a new reply? I updated a watch that was reviewed and I want to alert the reviewer of the update. Honestly, I do not even see a place on any of the faces by other designers I have browsed where I can add a review. Maybe I am a total idiot or something, but why is such a function so hard to find or use? I have searched for this function on my PC and my Phone, but to no avail. Not liking Facer right now.

You can’t. I think I’ve requested a feature to allow us to interact with users on a back and forth type of system, but nothing yet. The closest you can get to interacting with your users is to maybe set up an Instagram account or Twitter or something and send your users there to communicate back and forth until Facer works something out for us.

Thank you very much for the information. Seems like an obvious function for a website such as this one.

Anytime. And in the meantime, see if IG, Twitter, etc. might help solve your problem. Just add your social media info to your profile info or something. Or maybe an email address dedicated to Facer comms.

All good ideas. Thanks again.

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