How to add tags?

Sorry for all my questions, but trying to find answers is difficult. I search for tags and every post with the word “tags” shows up. So much for filters.

Anyway, how do I add a tag to a layer? Does it need to be a specific type of layer? I paid for a Pro subscription yet I only see basic options for building a watch face. What am I doing wrong?

No need to be sorry; we all started out on the same learning curve and helping each other out is all part of the fun of being involved in the community :slight_smile:

The list of tags can be found here: Tags | Facer Documentation

Links to tutorials can be found here: Tutorials | Facer Documentation

To add tags, select the element you want to add a tag to and the tap on the small rocket icon ( bottom right ) to bring up the advanced window

Enter your tags and expressions in the various fields. For example to make the triangle rotate smoothly once per minute, add the smooth second tag as below

I hope that helps.



Thank you so much for your help!

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You are most welcome :slight_smile:

Is there a tag to make the AM/PM text be just an A or a P character? I am creating a minimalist design and I really want to tie these characters to the time of day. Is there another work around?

I don’t think there is a tag for that but you could use a conditional statement.

Place a TEXT element where you want the A/P to be and in the text field type the following:


This reads as, if the text that the tag #Da# returns equals “AM” then “A” else “P”.

Note that you must type the conditional statement exactly as I have above; no spaces anywhere in the text, no brackets around the test part of the expression,no brackets around the outside of the whole expression and no quotes around the AM text.

There is a short section on conditional statements in the documentation that will explain this better.

I hope that helps.


That worked perfectly! Thank you so very much.

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You are most welcome!

I’m glad it helped.