How to automatically reset toggle VAR

Another question: toggle VAR - you touch designed spot, VAR_1 goest to 1.
How to change it automatically to 0 after time/when watchface turns off?

Don’t think you can, sadly. You could juggle with formulas to make a sort of “timer” that goes off when the variable changes, maybe… but you can’t change a variable’s state without touching your watch’s screen again >_<

At the moment I display object when below formula goes:


but I wish to “disable it” until next wake or after some time - let’ say 5 sec.

It’s getting late here so I can’t test this before suggesting it, but you could try something along the lines of:
This should say: If the randomly chosen number is 3, and the time between now and the last time VAR_1 was updated is less than or equals to 5000 milliseconds, then 100. Else 0. Let me know how it goes o/

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Thank you!
Well, yes, it works but not as I want :wink:
Object disappear after certain time, but when I toggle VAR_1 back to 0 withing 5000msec, text is still visible and it then must be off…

But I added another condition and now it is OK (you couldn’t read my minds :wink: )

Thx Allen! I would say mucho gracias (started learning Spannish not long ago), but I have read your bio… :wink:

No, it is not ok - I want to display object only once within a single wake.

My idea was to use just rand(a,b) but it flickers the object all the time (miliseconds in rand function) and I want to keep it on for specific time.

Using another words:

When user touches certain object, it changes and text is displayed untill object is not pressed again or some time passes.
Then, if user touches this object again, it will not change/text is not displayed untill next time watch is woken OR best, but can’t do it - random function generates new number and new text (from a palete) is displayed…

I’m also going off today, will think tomorrow…

I don’t think what you’re after is possible though sadly :frowning: what you want is to be able to change a variable without having to touch the screen. We’re gonna have to put pressure on @Facer_Official :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed… I want to operate automatic function!
It is lousy automatics if user needs to control it :wink: