How to become a Premium Designer and sell your watch face designs on Facer

Update February 2019: please refer to this article for updated guidelines: Become a Facer Creator Partner – How can we help?

To be considered for the premium designer program, you must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Create at least 3 free watch faces using The Facer Creator and publish them on the Facer platform
  2. At least 3 different free watch faces that you’ve published must have over 3,000 syncs within the first 30 days after publishing. This sounds difficult, but can be easily achieved if your faces get featured or if you spread them virally on social channels
  3. All considered watch faces must adhere to the Facer Terms of Service and Copyright and Trademark Policies

In addition to the above, the following criteria are also reviewed:

  • Activity on the forum and within the Facer community
  • Quality of collections created, as well as quality of their banners

If you feel that you meet all of these requirements and would like to apply to become a Premium Facer Designer, please fill out the application form here.

We look forward to reviewing your applications!
-The Facer Team


BTW.: How can one check, when was his/hers face uploaded (originally)?
Under Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more I can see mostly last edited date.

@Mellin we do not show this date today but it’d be pretty easy for us to add! Just for our information, what is the use case for you to want to see that date? That will help us make sure we properly address your concern/need.



For the sake of the creator, this would be a good thing to have (for me at least).
Also, if it is not available, we cannot determinate if we qualify for that 3000 sync in 30 days thing.


If a designer is successful are they able to change the 3 FREE watch faces, that received over 3,000 syncs within the first 30 days after publishing, to PAID?


Premium designers are allowed re-submit previously free faces as Premium faces. However, we urge them to increase the value of the watches by using premium designer features like themes, complications or stickers so that consumers see the increased value of the premium faces over the free versions.


Freaking WOW… 9000 syncs in a month…seems IMPOSSIBLE for the average solo artist… I love the concept, but set more realistic goals… I aint sayin, Im just saying… I feel good with 25 a day… And I put ALOT of time with pro grade software to make them… but almost 150 a day to reach that goal… I will try but, with goals like this it makes me want to just give up… goals like that are too high with out a full development team… and oh most of us are just solo artist, have lives and work be fair and judge the piece not how many times you get synced… thanks for listening :smile:


I kind of agree with @MadisonLastrega
Untile now I had only 1 face that reached that goal and another 5, or 6 that reached between 2000 and 2500 (some of them are still younger than a month, but I can see a definite decline in daily syncs on them).

Maybe one day…

BTW.: I wonder how many active users does the Facer app have?


Should every 3 watch face have syncs separately on 3000?

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Apparently so.
But beware: If you will create enough really popular faces (even if 2 of them will be under 3000) Facer might still contact you about it.

This is just a technicality if they won’t notice you when you will become really famous.


Thanks for your reply

No turning back. :frowning:

Do not look up, my English is bad. :frowning:

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This is un-achievable to the single author.

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Yes, it is.
I did it, so can anyone else, if one puts enough work into it.

Getting featured by facer really helps, I finally got featured…and I got a few hundred syncs and a bunch that never got synced were finally noticed… So I keep releasing about two a week. I always give it my best one day facer will notice…er umm I hope so is… I WILL BE A PREMIUM WATCH MAKER… one day…PS all my work is done in 3D space with production grade software… So while I cant whip out 10 a week like others whom copy and paste, or use crappy easy software like paint or photoshop… I use Autodesk Maya… I make EVERY thing custom… I see alot of folks whom use copied images or prefab junk. Not me. my licence cost over 4 grand… I am INVESTED, and am a REAL ARTIST… They will notice one day… best wishes to all and good luck…


Hey @MadisonLastrega,

So I think about this topic A LOT and I have drawn a few strange conclusions. These are my own opinions (not advice!) but feel free to comment or tell me I’m wrong - no problem.

There’s tons of extremely talented people here who have mad design skills, mad artistic skills, and mad mathematical skills. The result of that are watches with beautiful designs, tremendous concepts, and crazy engineering. But what’s missing on many of these is a consideration of the audience. Most of the GENERAL PUBLIC are not designers, not artists, and not engineers. So while a lot of us may have 30 and even 40 hours of work in a watch face created, the sad truth is that much of the common public really doesn’t care.

It sounds like you have some awesome graphics software that you are invested in, but the raw truth is that 2D drawing tools like PhotoShop and Illustrator are more than adequate to develop awesome designs. I understand the 3D beauty of tools like Maya, Blender, SolidWorks, but the cost of the tool is lost in only 2-dimensions, and most watchfaces aren’t more than 1.5". So intricate detail is also lost - it’s just too small to see well. I’m reminded of some guitarist who brings his (or her) $4,500 Les Paul Custom to a bar gig. Yeah, there may be a couple of music experts in the crowd with very finely tuned ears, but most of the crowd is just drunk. As long as the guitar makes noise most don’t care beyond that.

Next, is a watch design “commercially viable on a large scale”? Meaning, even if you spend hours and hours on it, will you get to that 3000 sync level? Well you really need to understand the market, trends, and popularity for that. This is the market part of the design. An example: If Smart Watches existed in 1989 as they do today and you were licensed to make a Debby Gibson watchface, it would probably have hit the 10,000 sync level back then - no problem. Today, most people don’t even know who Debby Gibson was. She was a wildly popular music-star like Katy Perry and others are today.

My last point is the materialistic nature of most people (it seems). I made one watch - very simple - took little time - that looks a lot like the Breitling Navitimer watches that run in the $5000-$7000 range for the real ones. It is my most popular watch approaching 6,000 syncs this week. Why? I believe for many people, being seen wearing a Breitling-looking watch is more important. Let me say that again… for them, BEING SEEN wearing the watch is more important than just wearing it. Not everybody is like this obviously, but certainly the popularity of this watch speaks to this element of social phenomenon. Breitling, Rolex, these are house-hold names. Same idea with women’s accessories… Gucci, Coach… Why would someone buy a $1200 pair of Jimmy Choo shoes or a $400 pair of Maui Jim sunglasses when they can buy cheap knock-offs in Chinatown that “look pretty close” for $30. I think you really have to consider this type of thinking as well if you’re trying to hit big sync numbers with your watch designs. Of course, I realize this is “selling out” for high-quality watchface artists. Your art skills and the Facer watch functions and feature TAGS are highly important - but dont discount these social aspects I mentioned above.

so yes! build those crazy watches that do all sorts of wonderful things and have incredible artwork. but I think your portfolio should include some of these social-bait watches as well just to even out your offerings.



I call BS show me three faces without premium features that achieved 3000 syncs in 30 days, some of the best faces on their app have not achieved that the entire time up there


Good points. Indeed, I understand exactly what your saying. yeah my best face currently is a replica of a real clock… Im doing a few of them infact… but I cant see my self doing rolex knock offs to reach my goal… If I cant do this as an artist I’ll just erase all my work from facer, and carry my work to another face producer before I do that… I just liked the facer community and thought this would be a great way to share great beauty to the world… I will continue to use Maya… I know it takes longer to create but, you cant knock the quality…Ill try to be more generic and lame… no wait , no I wont… I’ll do more replicas though… I like them and of course I will contiue to make some bombs that dont get any syncs… and some that are truly works of art… and for the ones whom appreciate art , they will love my watch faces and be honored to wear them… and for the ones that want a Gucci clone there are plenty of artist to make those…

Thanks for the chat… I know your right, truly I do. I have owned my software LOOOOONG before I started making these.
I make these for me. I want to eventually sell them, but I just cant make anything less than my best… PS Im new at this too guy… only started this Febuary, and when people do notice (and they will) I will be my OWN Rolex or Gucci… Best wishes and many awesome faces in the future… PSS I checked your suff… Very nice by the way.


Here are some screen shots:

Here you have their links:

As you can see other ones are getting closer too, like Premise Right - trial version (2067), or URWERK EMC Black (2197) and URWERK UR-1001 ZEIT DEVICE (2788)


John, well put! For clarity your watch with 6K syncs, over what period of time, I’m guessing it wasn’t one week, because if it was then I’m amazed, i’m still impressed with 6K just curious how long it took to reach?