How to become a Premium Designer and sell your watch face designs on Facer

hai ragione,calcolando che tutti lavoriamo…arriviamo la sera stanchi e ci mettiamo al pc/ mac per fare delle face di qualità,e poi la valutazione sono le condivisioni in 1 mese…mi sembra surreale, calcolare noln la qualità, ma la condivisione o caricamento dalla face.hai ragione al 100%


in Creator, gli strumenti a sinistra sono gli unici strumenti che puoi aggiungere a un progetto Facer. Ad esempio, puoi aggiungere del testo (a sinistra). In fondo, clicca sul razzo e apparirà una nuova finestra sulla destra. Nella parte superiore della nuova finestra puoi aggiungere TAGS. Il TAG per la batteria è #BLN#


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Good italian @jmorga106 :slight_smile:

native Italian dad + some bad Italian + some Google translated Italian = good Italian :grin:


I have been encountering the same issue. But it looks like you made it since this post, so I have hope! lol
P.S. I’m guessing that racking up the same amount of followers, who are all women just takes more time since there’s less of us? idk

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The criteria has changed since this discussion was started.
Refer to:

Not according to the Facer Creator Level page. You will find that the Pro Level DOES NOT allow you to sell your watch faces. You HAVE to be a Facer Partner level to be able to sell and it is INVITE ONLY.

I thought that was why there is a shopping cart icon next to the Pro designs.
Guess I’d better edit my post.Thanks for the info.

I may be wrong on this, but I think that shopping cart means that only pro level people can download that watch face. Free users like myself can’t download them.

UPDATE: I checked on a watch face with a yellow shopping cart icon. When you hover your mouse pointer over it, an info label pops up saying “Get Facer Premium to sync”. So Facer is making money off of you with a Pro account to make free faces with complications on them. And they also make money on users with premium accounts to be able to use them. BUT you get nothing for your effort. (Except maybe pride in accomplishment for making a nice face people like.)

Thanks for looking into that. Apparently, that is how it works. The star and shopping cart icons are a bit confusing.

In the end, it’s the same old story. It’s been years now. (Premium Designer program: admission rankings and revenue sharing terms)
To simplify the above in one sentence, “Pro” is about making some more money from the designer / user base and “Partner”, as usual, is an “Invite only” mystery club whose actual admission terms (and, most importantly, revenue sharing terms) are undisclosed.

Be my guests.

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Great faces your able to make with the proper software, but do the watch face sales you make pay for the software subscription. It ain’t cheap. Don’t get me wrong. It takes the right tools to do the job.
I have been working on faces for a couple months and can’t come close to the requirements outlined by Facer. The biggest issue is exposure. How do I keep my faces seen on the site. Within a day or so they are “swallowed up” in the site somewhere. All I see on the site is pay for faces. Facer should have a “faces for free” catagory. Check my watch faces out and see if I have the potential to continue.

Awesome work. Keep it going. Scott.

Yup…I have been at this to for a while and I am just spinning my wheels. I post faces and I feel they go into the bottom of the Facer bin. All I see on the site are paid faces by the same old people. I dont see how I can gain any traction here. I am not saying my faces are the greatest, but I can say for certain they dont suck. I want to make more Premium watches but if no one is seeing my free ones, I think the premium ones would be even less!

Check out my work and tell me I am wrong.:D:D:D


You are doing Nothing Wrong . Your growth on Facer will be Exponential . I don’t like them but is seems like those with lots of complications on are Popular . So we have asked @Facer_Official many time to restrict the number of publications one can make in a Day , because as you Say Fresh Faces is just a Swamp most of the time . Looking at other Platforms your chances of making Money here is the best but it is a Bit of Lottery as well . To be honest I don’t think the Partners are Millionaires . I was so excited at the beginning I thought my first face was going to make me a Fortune . I deleted it two weeks later out of embarrassment . Unfortunately Facer has to deal with a lot of Skulduggery as well rather than just Genuine Attempt to Pursue a Worthy Ambition .


Yes, Thanks for the responce.
Facer also needs to track how faces are categorized. Every category you click on i.e. analog is populated with complicated digital faces. This is the case with all the categories. The different style faces are not at all categorized properly. There should also be a “New Free Faces” category. The site is filled with Premium Pay For Faces. There is no way to get any exposure. S.W. Wood

S. W. Wood • Facer: the world’s largest watch face platform

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As Far as I know we chose the Caergory when we Publish a Face. So again it is the Makers at Fault . I just send all mine out under the FUN Flag. Sometimes I slip in an Elegent and a Military. Though I hope no Armys use my Faces. Sadly I could not find the Analogue Category but it would have a few Hybrids in there. Not sure if there is a Hybrid Catergory. I was thinking of opening a Topic about creatiing a Educational Catergory with votes. Oh yeah that is another good Topic how to get more Votes.

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Most of Facer’s categories are just nothing to do with watches. It’s always hard for me to figure out what category one of my “different” watch faces would fit into. Most of the picture faces I do I put in either Fun or Pop Culture. Any watch face with steps or other heath related goes into “Lifestyle” and weather only faces get put into “Nature”. I have to agree a “Digital” or an “Analog” category would be VERY HELPFUL. I have my collections separated by analog, and anadigi, but no digital category.


Off topic so I’ll be brief.
I’ve heard the opposite from people looking for Premium. It may depend on how you access the site: phone app or computer.
When you are on the computer, go to Browse >Recent. There are hundreds of new free faces there. Some members paste 20-30 watch faces at a time. I have found that it is easier to get an overall view of the site by using the computer.


I am going to revisit the requirement of having at least 3 different free watch faces synced that you’ve published reaching over 3,000 within the first 30 days. I don’t know when this requirement was implemented but Facer has obviously grown by leaps and bounds and the number of faces on the site have also. I would think that it is much more difficult to reach this goal with the 10’s of thousands of faces on the site now. I’m not giving up and hope to be able to start selling but it won’t be by this requirement. I did finally get featured under Top Free for one face but I still don’t think it will reach the goal I must obtain. I would hope Facer would also recognize the creator for their work and not just syncs. I am willing to let them inspect any of my faces.
Gonna keep facing.

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There’s designers here with thousands of followers, with tens of thousands of syncs, who are constantly in the Top 10 and they aren’t partners either. So it’s kind of deflating when you know this. Maybe they feel they have enough partners and we should have been here 3 years ago. I hope you are right in the idea that Facer recognizes more than syncs. I am hoping branding, an actual ability to use many types of graphic apps, a wide range of face types and original content, as well as ACTUAL PARTICIPATION in the community are criteria too. Otherwise…

Also, the sync goal is doable, I am at 4k for the last 30 days, and I hope i can knock out a few faces to get me over the top. It would be nice to get that one out of the way.