How to change facer watch faces from Farenheit to Celsius?

Hi, I’m new to facer and I’m having trouble figuring out how to switch the weather metrics from Farenheit to Celsius. I’m using a Ticwatch E running WearOS and an iPhone 8. How do I do that? Thanks!

I believe you do it from the app on your phone. Check under the setting section.

Nothing there to do with watch face settings, only things I have there is “FAQ & Troubleshooting, Reconnect Watch and Device Type”

I think it is a bug, I have everything configured in Celsius but it still shows in F.

Any update to this? I’m have the same issue on an iPhone 7 Plus (IOS 11.4.1) on a Ticwatch S

I believe @eradicator09 is right, you switch from Farenheit to Ceslsius from the Facer app on the phone. You have to tap on the MENU icon (on the top left of the screen), go to SETTINGS and then go to TEMPERATURE SCALE and that´s it!

Was anyone able to figure this one out? On the iOS Facer app there doesn’t seem to be much in terms of settings available (none actually). The menu button described above is not in the top left.

Tried checking in the various iOS settings menus with no luck.



Anything? This makes temperatures useless on watchfaces to non-US people

Now you canbdo it directly in your watch. Just triple tap and then press edit…

Hi, I went through my iPhone’s language, Google Assistant, and now the watchface setting but still can’t seem to change the temperature readout to Celsius.

If a watchface has the option to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit but it doesn’t actually work, is that an issue with the specific watchface or is this feature just broken?

I haven’t found a face that’s actually capable of displaying Celsius. If anyone knows a surefire one for testing please let me know so I can at least confirm if the issue is with the app, Wear OS, or the smart watch. Thank you!

Using iPhone 6s Plus and Fossil Q Exolorer

From what I’m reading on the board it definitely is affecting all iOS users.

I’m not sure why that’s the case and why you’re not able to fix it via the menu.

Try this watchface and let me know if C is working for you or not.

If there’s a particular design you want, it can be hard coded. Most designers use the #WCT# tag which is supposed to automate the calculation based on user preferences. Usually most designers will be glad to make a change to a watchface if we know which face.

Basically, this is what they’d need to do:
Two layers:

It’s not the best solution but until a patch is made for iOS models, this will work.

Thanks carlosfilippa.

Just a clarification (On the Galaxy Watch), triple tap, then hit the right arrow a few times until you get to settings. Can change to C and 24 hour clock there.

PD. Haven´t figured out how to link the app on the phone to the watch yet (changing configuration on android phone app didn´t modify in watch).

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Here is what I have found using Galaxy Watch & Android phone. Depends on where you have downloaded the Facer Watch Face from (Galaxy store or through Facer App):

  1. Downloading from Galaxy Store (outside of Facer App). First I downloaded a couple of faces free from the galaxy store. These watch faces do not load into the Facer app. To change the display setting (temperature, etc), you have to triple tap and hit the right arrow a few times to get to settings, then change display settings to C & 24 hr clock. You have to do this for each Facer watch face separately.

  2. Downloading from Facer App (on Android phone). Also have to download the Facer Companion through Galaxy Store. The settings configured within the app on the phone (temp & 24 hr clock) automatically sync to the watch faces in the Facer.

I see most of the consultations are for iOS users, sorry, don´t have an iphone to test with.

On watch settings, change from metric to imperial for ferenheit.

If you are on a Facer watch face on your watch. Triple tap on the face and scroll using the arrows to the right until you have the option to change from Metric to Imperial. Change it, that is it. When I did this I now dont get a temperature reading at all, so it is blank. If you can tell me how to fix that it would be beneficial.