How to change Play Store account?

I want to buy Facer Plus, but the purchase function is associated with the wrong Google account, and I can’t seem to find a way to change it. Any thoughts on where I can do this?

Does this help? You might have to reinstall Facer after that so it can see the new account.

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Thank you but no. The account isn’t new, in fact it’s the very first account I added when I set up my phone ages ago. I reinstalled the app anyway but it’s still picking the wrong one.

I only have one account that has my billing info attached, and only use that account in the Play Store. But Facer doesn’t seem to want to use that account.

Hmm, I’am not sure but i think you may have to do a factory reset of the smart watch and a reinstallion of wear os to associate the google pay account.

Wow that’s a pretty severe thing to have to do for a single app. None of my other ones are having this type of trouble.

I reinstalled Facer after deleting the cache info, and it did not fix the issue.

I am having the same issue and i even have a brand new phone. I have tried all of the above and it is still an issue. Ive even reached out to customer service but they dont seem to know how to fix it. Hoping someone on here can help me