How to change progress barometer?

hello ,
i have try to add barometer code to progress bar wont work . ,how we can change the formula or we put thr right code ?? for exmple i need to make progress bar to hPa barometer ?

Sorry, I dont know and dont think that progress bar is a good kind of analog indicator for pressure. Progress bar usually shows some value developing from 0 to max/goal. What boundaries should the progress bar have to show typical pressures? from 0 to 1000, or even more? with such settings the change of pressure due weather change would be concentrated into less than 1/10 of the range.

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Iā€™m useless at the mathematical side of things, despite maths being my top subject at school many years ago, but I was wondering if what you want to achieve could be applied to a Shape instead, a Rectangle or Arc possibly, usng the correct Formula for sizing :thinking::thinking:

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As petruuccios asked, what would be the range?