How to change size from progress bar

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I want to know, can you change the round progress bar size, not to bee full 360 donut, but for example half circle.


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You can change that option in the “Advanced” panel of that layer (little rocket icon), and change the inner radius value:

I know it can be done by substituting your own images. If you look in the resources section there are some progress bars posted which are a series or bars in a circle you would have to use only the ones that fir into the shape you’re looking to create. So if you want a 180 degree bar start with the 180 degree image & use a conditional to make on’y the appropriate image is showing & the rest go transparent.

Or put more simply lets say you want to do 180 degree bar you would set it so 100% battery shows the full 180 degree semi circle, 50% would show only the 90 degree bar. (although you’ll probably want to show several steps between as well) Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to simply do it with the progress widget. The other option is you could do a pointer that rotates 180 degrees around your bar. That is a bit more simple.

Honestly I’m watching to see if there is a way to do it, because I’ve been looking at doing the same thing.

Edit: Just thought of something else, you could also create a static 180 degree bar then create an image that covers the entire face with a semi circle cutout. Then set your static bar to rotate so that as it rotates around the cover piece covers the bar so it appears the bar is shrinking. However that would limit other things you could do as any other cutouts might show the bar.

I don’t think that’s what hes asking. I think he wants to have the progress bar start as for instance a 180 degree semi circle & work it’s way down. As opposed to starting as a full 360 degree circle. The inner radius just makes the circle bar thinner.

@jscott indeed, my bad!
It seems like what you guys need is a parameter in addition to “fill ratio” that would define what the “full” ratio is, i.e. how much of of the circle represents 100% completion. Does that sound about right?


Here’s how to use the progress bar as you need it.
The Fill Ratio takes a value of 0-1 for a range of 0-360 degree.

Inspection mode enabled.

Here the progress bar is used as an indicator of sunrise and sunset.


Neat trick to achieve that effect @petr.patocka!

Nice!! I was playing around with fill ratio trying to answer the question I just didn’t realize it only used a value of 0-1 I was trying to represent it in degrees. So to totally answer the OP’s question a 180 degree battery progress bar would require this formula in the fill ratio field.



Yes, that is what i want, a not full circle, better said something like an arc.

Thank you for the info :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info. :grin:

Useful, thanks from me.

sorry, i dont get it. why you use different formulas for batterys, hearth?

why you use /250 or /112.5 on the batteries? on what depends?

It depends on what angle you need to fill. Progress bar is 0-1 (empty - fully filled). If it is a full 360 °, then (# PBN # / 100) is sufficient. If you need to fill in a smaller angle, you need to convert it.