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How to change the speed of the hour, minute and second arms?

Yeah, odd question! I know.

But in my non-working trialss: (#DWFMS#/4) and (#DWFKS#*0.8); the only thing that changes is how far of the 360 degrees that the arms vill rotate, not the speed of the arms.

How to do that??

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Your Question is in No Way Odd . This is how Interesting and Different Faces are Made .

If you Multiply A number by a Fraction it is the same as Division . If you try


You will see it go faster . If you look at the number by posting that into a Text Layer you will see it goes round the clock 30 times before hitting zero . So you want to Multiply By numbers that go into 360 comfortably . If you do some tests with strange numbers like 1.1111 on the seconds you will see a jump after you cross Zero .

If you only want to generate 0-360 Degrees you can do this .


You can change 360 to other numbers .
This kind of thing is great for Shifting stuff about the screen and Zooming .

I notice those Formulas are Tickers .

I use the seconds as it runs in Milliseconds so it as smooth as you like .
Just remember to Keep your Multiplication Factor Nice . Unless of course you want to make a Wrong / Glitchy Watch .



Sooo, loads of brackets in the formula! I’ll play around with it, as usual…


Yeah my friend (((( )))) are free . It is actually a handy way of debugging stuff and three usually means don’t meddle . I am not that familiar of the precedence of the Operands so my maths goes out with bandages on already .

BTW if you paste a formula into a text box it has to be inside () . I just work that way so I can always look to see what numbers are being generated .

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