How to Contact Designers?

Good day everyone,

I am trying to contact two designers but there are no links to contact them? Could someone provide contact information for “BetterAir” and “Oleg” ?

Thank you!


probably the best (and only?) way is to comment on one of their faces. They’ll get a notification. The only direct message within Facer world is either here in the forums (where the vast majority don’t participate) or the Facer Slack channel (where even fewer participate)

Thank you; not a bad idea but if you go to the profiles you will see that there is no way to leave a comment.

in the app or on the web if you click on any one face, then scroll down, you’ll see a link for comments.

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The only Oleg I could find here in the Community is OlegK17, and he can be messaged here -
Profile - olegk17 - FACER Community

Thank you!!


You’re welcome, and welcome to the Facer Community as well, where you’ll find lots of resources, tutorials, and friendly/helpful people :sunglasses:

I’m probably the easiest designer on Facer to contact. I have my YouTube channel link posted on my home page along with my Facebook account. And if you really wanted to, just email me at my facer user name (no caps or spaces) at the g of mails. Which BTW is not my main email account. It was set up just for YouTube, Facebook and other internet uses. :laughing: