How to create a circular battery life

guys i would like to create a little circle on the watchface with the battery life of the watch. how can i do it??

You mean a line that is a circle and it’s end is rotating either leaving blank space behind or going over blank space?

If yes check out inspection mode on my face:

I used that method (as you want) for battery indicator, on the right side of the screen.

If you will have any questions ask away.

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how to create circular battery model with color change according to load variation

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Have a look at this . Code from the Peters Perfect Mathematics .

Ignore the bottom one it is a bit Advanced . Concentrate on the circular one in the Middle .


Yes, like in Rusty’s example, to make the color change according discharge, there have to be multiple duplicated layers with different colors stacked over each other, becoming gradually transparent to mix their colors fluently.
I am not sure anymore, if the old formulas do work on all watches, so as alternative you could use
(clamp((#BLN#-50)*2,0,100)) for opacity of the top layer
and (clamp(#BLN#*2,0,100)) for the middle one.

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I have found nothing in your Old Formulas that is not robust enough to survive the Syntax Revisions. I actualy learned to adjust those for Balance. I am not that happy playing with clamp . A bit much like Voodoo to me. Bit of a slow learner. I must get into it a bit more. I see it everywhere so it is obviously very usefull. I just feel working out the scaling factors using Peters Perfectly Descriptive Maths gives me a better understanding of what is going on.
Thanks for thos new Formulas. Straight into the Bits Drawer.