How to create a complication which changes when clicked?

Hi all, I am new to this forum.
How to create a complication which changes (colour and design for example) when I click on it?
Allow me to ellobarate with a example. I was creating this watch face with a month complication.
The complication is only months indicated by numbers from 1-12. But I want change the complication to letters (JAN- DEC) when I click on the complication. Is it possible? If so how?
Please guide me.
Thank you.

Sorry to disappoint you, but Facer don’t have the clicking option in it.

That’s sad. Well, at least there must be a way to change the complication when setting the watch face using the facer app.
I used watch faces in facer app and there is option to change the colour and overall design.
How do I do that?
Thank you.

There are 2 features that (I think) you are referring to:
-changing color - having a themeable face
-changing something on the face by clicking on a setting button in the Facer app on your phone

Both exist, but both are only available to premium users.
Since I’m not one I cannot help you with it.

Yes! thats exactly what I meant. Sad to know that its available only for premium user.

Thnaks anyway.