How to create a premium watch face?

Hello when creating a watch face only allows free publication, would like to know how do publish a watchface created as premium?


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I’m also interested in this…

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I’m also interested about it :slight_smile:

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Me too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thanks for the future answer ^^

Was there ever an answer given for this? I am curious myself as I have a couple ideas on how to enhance my watch and want to make a suite of them.

I have a guess: You can’t.

Here’s what I think (pure speculation, obviously): The whole business model of Facer is probably to sell designs provided by their license partners, and Facer probably gives them a cut of each sale. The free designs are what draw in the new users (consumers) to install their app. They tell us about the huge number of free faces available, but I suspect they probably tell potential partners instead about the huge user base and how their designs will be exclusive and on the front page of any search, how much money they can make, etc. These partners aren’t going to want competition from you and I. Additionally, Facer probably guesses our designs probably won’t bring in the kind of money those licensed designs do, so we’re not worth all the hassles that would be involved in maintaining secure payment accounts, etc for each of us.

Now, again, this is completely speculation, however if true, it might explain why all those bugs, missing features, etc very rarely get fixed or are completely ignored. They probably spend the vast majority of their time trying to secure new partners, graphical design to advertise those designs, etc. They’ll of course prioritize any bugs that impact those designers and bugs that prevent new consumers from coming on board. They probably figure that what they’ve given is good enough for us, and only throw us a bone every once in a while to try to keep us around. It’s not that they don’t care about us, I suspect that we’re just not their primary source of profit: we’re creators first and consumers second.

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Im guessing that Little Labs reguarly chooses designers whose body of work they value to be watch designers? This is probably more about quality control than anything else…

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This has been answered in another link, to become a premium designer, you need to have a lot of synced watch faces, then you will get invited to be a premium designer, or winning the February contest… that’s it… :smile: