How to create a written clock?


I was wondering how to create a watchface with written text instead of digital or analog watchface?


There’s one of two ways to do it.

  1. Create each text then position and rotate them to your liking


  1. Create the background in your preferred graphics software (PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc.) and upload it into the creator. Here’s the link to the PSD template:

I hope that helps,

Thank you for your quick reply but that sounds like a lot of work. I will give it a try tough. Creating 24 layers for the hours and 60 layers for the minutes and for the seconds.

So I wonder if there is an other way around still.

I have no experience with photoshop unfortunately.

how do you adjust the text to change every minute?

And do you know how I can edit an existing watch?

Yikes! That is a lot of texts to create and adjust! If you do have a graphics application, check on YouTube for tutorials… there’s literally thousands of them!

If you want the text to change by the minute, it all depends on how many times it will have to change, then you will have to add a conditional statement to control its visibility in the transparency field. You could stack different texts and then instruct them to be visible or invisible dependent on the time. It really depends on how many changes there needs to be. If there are two you want to switch between, it’s all a matter of odds and evens. If you want a different text every minute for 60 minutes, then you’ve got to control 60 different layers.

You can only edit your own watch faces. You can access them either through the creator page on your account or if you have published or shared a watch face, through the “Options” button beneath the Features section of the watch face profile page.

I hope that helps,