How to create new hands?

How or where can I create new hands (hour ,minutes, seconds)?? Please…need our tips and help…thank you all !!
Or…is there a site to download them simply?

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Hi @franky.bauwens. If you do a search in the Resources Catogory here in the community you will find quite a few have been posted. You need a drawing package like Gimp to draw your own. You must have the pivot point of the hand in the middle of your image and the file should be a PNG with transparent Background.
Let us know what style of hands you are Intrested in.

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Here is a templet I use to make hands. You will need to use an image editor that can do layers. You use the templet as a measurement for the length of the hands. After you have the hand made just delete the templet layer. Make sure you open the image before saving it because this community page will cut the size by 25% if you just right click and save. You will only get the full size 160x640 image by opening it and then saving it.

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My Word. Learn something every day. Thanks for that MAG. I did not know that trick of capturing a full size PNG off the site. I thought they were scaled for the Forum on posting. Now all I have to do is remember. Thanks again for the Template. Looks a little like Golden Section Proportions to me. :mantelpiece_clock::+1:

Anyway @franky.bauwens . Here for example.

3D Arrow Hands - Set 2 - Resources / Hands (Hour/Minutes/Seconds) - FACER Community

easy way, make a 640x640pix doc with a layer. find the center, draw your hand up from there, crop, delete background layer.

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