How to detect when hour hand is a couple degrees before 12 and after 12 tick mark?

The hour hand will always show the same value of ‘11’ (#Dh#) when past 11 and going to 12. How can I detect if the hour hand is a couple of degrees before and after the 12 tick mark. Same value, say -5 degree before 12 and + 5 degree after the 12 tick mark?

Many thanks in advance!

You would have to make use of smooth value rotation: #DWFKS#

Hello Tom - thanks so much for the quick reply. Sometimes it is the simplest solution which you don’t think about :wink: I tested it and it works well.

I have a little problem though coming up with a combined statement for the minute AND hour hands - meaning ‘if either the minute or hour hand is 5 degrees before 12 or if either is 5 degrees after 12’.

This is quite nested…