How to dim pictures?

hi, i have create this nice face, but when i press dim on the program,
all the face appear black.
it is possible to use dim for the dials ???

Just to clarify…

You want the dials to be dim but the rest of the design visible?

If so, you just need to make sure the layer is turned on when you switch to the dim tab. Whatever is “on” when the dim tab is selected is what it will look like when it’s dim.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i have miss this part of the program.
you are very very clever!
now i finally know how to dim on-off some things.
thank you very much!
you have save many my works!

sorry, but i have seen 1 problem after to have follow your instructions.
now, i have make on the hour barrel also in dim mode (before was impossible for me).
but i see 1 problem:
when i’m in dim mode and adjust the color (dark color), this color
return also when the face is active.
it is possible use a bright color (like in the picture) for active mode
and 1 dark color for dim ???
thank again.

If I’m understanding correctly…

You want a layer to be one color when dim and another in active?

If that’s the case, yes, you can do so.

Switch to the DIM tab.
Select the layer you want to change the color of.
Click on the TINT button at the bottom.
Change the color to what you want it to be.

It works best when the original layer is white/lighter colored.

If your watchface has a lot of layers, this could be time consuming. In that case, at the top create a layer containing a shape (square or circle that covers the whole watchface). Change the color of the shape to what you want and then the transparency to something like 50% (try different settings and check how it affects your watch… many watches have a dim mode built in, so you could make it TOO dark)

Some items like hands/text/etc won’t have a TINT button. Instead it will be listed as DIM COLOR.

hi, thank you for all your support.
maybe i don’t understand something or i miss things like before (for make on layers in dim mode).

i open the face with gold barrells.
i press dim-mode.
i go to paint (tint-color) the hour layer (maybe dark red).
when i press the button active, i see all face in gold, while
the hour stay in dark red.
i have miss something or what else ???
thank very much.

ah, i undestand.
you have the default theme, but i’m not. i have the basic program.