How to display VARs that are not visible

Hi everyone!

Question: how do I display in Creator layer/object that is complicated with VAR?
I complicate object/text/layer with VAR and when I set it to anything different than VAR_n == 0 (like ==1, ==2 and so on) it gets invisible and I cannot make it visible by anything (like we can play with time/date value to see how time/battery etc changes)…

I think at the moment it is impossible, so here I have a feature request to add that functionality.
It is very difficult to design watch face having invisible objects :slight_smile:


I understand the problem, but it usually doesn’t bother me at all. I create/modify/edit things, and only once they are ready I add the code in that will sometimes turn them invisible by virtue of where that particular element falls under a certain a variable.
Just finish working on your element before adding the code :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Allen!
Yes, that is what I figured out, but it is not elegant solution, if I may to put it this way… :wink:
Hope in time there will be elegant solution…
Luckly, view mode is fully interactive, one can play with watch face in desktop…

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Yeah I’ve had that problem. If I need to see it, I’ll usually cut the code out and make it 100% visible, edit it, then paste the code back in.