How to edit a "customizable" watch face?

I just purchased a customizble watch face (Gauss chameleon) and I can’t figure out how to customize it in any way other than to change the color of the themable text to match a photo in the android app. Per the description: “You can separately change the colors of the display, the deco and the hour blocks, the middle segment and the outer ring. For the midfield section you are able to choose from 25 styles (metallic, carbon and leather). The colors of the main texts is themeable. It´s really possible to create hundreds of different watch faces! Beside that customization i added App access to Activities, Alarm, Weather, Calendar and reminder.” Am i just blind or is there some convoluted process to make these changes? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi! We recommend following the instructions given by the author of the watch face in the description or its associated images: GAUSS - GAUSS Chamaeleon - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

The author of the face himself may be able to help too! cc @GAUSS :slight_smile:

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The face works well. I had a problem at first figuring it out but I assure it works. I attached a pic and where I crudely drew in red arrows are were you tap to change the themes. I can’t remember which is which so you will have to just mess around with it but I assure you they do work.

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Thanks, @eradicator09.

I was very busy today.
I hope, everything is clear now, Chad?

The watch is amazing. I put that pic on there to try and help the original poster figure how to change things. I just threw it out there real quick that’s why its so crudely done. I hope it helped him in some way. Once agsin though you outdid yourself on this watch face. I bet I’ve used atleast a hundred different combinations with it.