How to export some dials and marks from the program?

hi, sometimes i use thick mark and numers directly from the program (facer).
but sometimes i need to delete some marks, example at 3 o’clock or 6 o’clock.
how is possible to move them for elaborate with ???
thank very much.

You could try to cover them with a block the same color. But to truly remove them, I don’t think in really possible. Usually to create tick marks I use GIMP with mandala symmetry turned on. That way you can draw it however you would like to.

You could make a solid layer underneath the tick marks/numbers:

2ND LAYER: Solid Red layer

Then do a screen capture, and import that into your chosen image editing program. Delete the red/everything but the tic marks/numbers and save as a transparent png.

Not the most ideal solution but it’s a quick one if you’re going to use them for a lot of watches.

Otherwise, just mask them out like phelanengland says.

thank you, but when i go to
for hidden some parts, the circle don’t
take the right size of before.