How to get a circle to orbit clockwise for seconds

how to get a circle to orbit around the watch face clockwise for seconds

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You’ll have to have a formula in both X, and Y coordinates using sinus and cosinus for example. So something like;

X: (160+sin(-#DWFMS#)*120)
Y: (160+cos(-#DWFMS#)*120)

whereby 120 is where you want the circle to be.


its not in line with the second hand

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That is possible. I have only shown you how it can be done. I do not have the exact formula at hand. I would have to figure it out… maybe somone else has it …?

I would actually do it diffently and draw a seconds hand in my graphics tool. In your case, it would be a cicle on an invisible stick and use that as a seconds hand.

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A good tutorial is available here.

I think you can find the correct formulas there.

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@carsonhernodlehye If you are still interested you will see to sync with the real time clock you have to get Pi involved . Tom @tom.vannes has flagged up the master Tutorial .
A lot of people call this Orbiting to distinguish it from Rotation . You can make a HAND that is just a disc .
With an Orbit you will see you can make an elliptical path and you could use this Code to Orbit an Animation / Sequence .

If you get stuck get back . You must be aware this is Advanced Facer coding . There is plenty to learn before you Master this stuff .

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