How to get more watch hands?

I was wondering where I can download more watch hand styles

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Sorry about this joke.


@Mellin Haha, I figured as much. I was just wondering if there was a specific app or website people use.

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I mostly create my own using Paint.NET.


Oh alright, thank you! By the way, how can you program an image to orbit around the edges of the watch face as a watch hand without being connected to the center point? I have tried using rotation codes but those seem to only spin the imported image in place.

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I read the posts at the link provided by Mellin. Those recipes change the position of the object to make it move around a circle, but they do not address the orientation. If you want something that will act as a hand, and change its orientation as it moves around the circle, then you will have to combine rotation with the change in position.

Asked and answered here:


I create a transparent background canvas 512X512 and size the image I want to rotate around to whatever size I like, then place it directly in the center of the top edge of the canvas. I simply insert the finished png image as a Seconds/Hours/Minutes hand on my face then and resize accordingly. Here is an example of an image I have used before, which I set as a Seconds “Hand” to rotate around over the Tickmarks -
Hope this helps you V10PLUS :grinning:

I’ve found a number of good free ones at:

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