How to get refund

I’ve paid for premium 10 days ago, it says I have it but ALL faces are still priced. I’ve written several times and got very polite but useless comments from customer support.
Can anyone please advise how to get a refund.
I know there are issues as others have same complaint, I’m trying to use a Fold 3 and Watch 5 pro.

Maybe you paid to be able to use all of the features in the creator and not for access to all the faces?

I just paid for the premium service, which I have used previously with other watches, but I can’t get anything to work with my Galaxy 5 pro. It gets so far and then goes back to the beginning re download of watchface. Very annoying but customer service keep asking for same data ie does your account have premium loaded and yes it does.

On your watch set the face to Facer and tap the screen very fast 6 times to display the ABOUT screen.
There you can check the Status.

On your mobile check it shows Facer Premium activated

You can try uninstall Facer from your watch and then on mobile go to facer settings and reinstall facer companion app.


Thanks for your help, I checked as you advised and everything was as it should be… And this morning it seems to be working perfectly!
I have no idea what has changed overnight, but I’m happy now thank you for your interest.