How to get the : to flash with seconds?

I’m looking to have a digital time as HH:MM, but the : between the hour and minute flashes or fades in and out in time with the seconds - any idea how?

An example: FR Design - FR MC02+ - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

Edit - found an inspectable face that had it, they used “((floor(((#Dsm#)-(floor(#Dsm#)))*2))*60)” and i’ve incorporated that


Welcome @nikkithecrazyone . I have not tested the above but here is another . You can not have too many in your Bits Box .

This is a Flasher
Change 6 and 3 to vary speed . so 3 is always half of 6 unless you want the Flash Asymmetric .

This is a Fader
Play with the big number 120 till you get what you want .
Stick to numbers that divide into 60 evenly .
so 60 is a second 30=2 120 = half etc

So I have Tested The one above . You have a flasher there

Have Fun .


Brilliant, thank you!


You are Welcome .I see you went for a Flasher . Keep all these lines of Code somewhere Safe and you will be able to help someone one Day .

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