How to get to Calendar data?

Is there a way to pull calendar data to display on the watch face? I know other watch making apps support this, but I can’t seem to find it on facer creator.

Facer does not support that. Maybe a face with customizable complications, If your watch supports it…

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The only watch face that has that is one called Outlook, and it’s free. But it has zero customization and shows nothing else but the time. I wish someone could make a version that adds the weather, battery level and maybe steps.

There are hundreds of watch faces for Galaxy Watch 4 that have the Outlook “Up Next” complication. But how do I add that complication on Facer? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Are you designing a watch face or trying to add it to an existing watch face created by someone else?

Thanks so much Linlay, for your response. I finally figured it out; if I use the “Rectangle” complication element, and stretch it nice and wide, it accepts Outlook’s “Up Next” complication with over 30 characters! I had tried that previously, but Outlook’s complication wasn’t showing up, and now it is.

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