How to have a Numerical Seconds Counter appear at request

Hi to all
I just published this Watch face.

It has a third hand to calculate the seconds and a numerical counter that indicates the past seconds, but it doesn’t work as I would have liked, so I try asking for your help.
I would have liked the numerical counter to be visible only by activating the hand to calculate the seconds, but it is always visible.
I’ll explain better :

  1. By default the numeric counter is invisible
  2. I tap at 2, the second hand starts and the numerical counter appears taking into account the seconds
  3. I tap at 2 again, the second hand stops and the numerical counter shows the total seconds passed
  4. I tap at 4, the second hand reset and the numerical counter disappear.
    I tried with VAR TOGGLE, but it doesn’t work
    I tried with VAR_INCREMENT/DECREMENT inserting this formula in Numerical Counter’s Opacity
    but that didn’t work either
    So, can anyone suggest me how to go about getting the result I would like?
    Since I’m a disaster in mathematics, I would need a ready-to-use formula. Of course i will credit everyone can help me :smiley:
    Thanks in advance
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I would make it simple. Add this into the opacity of the counter:


Hi @petruuccios
So simple that only a genius could have thought of it. :smiley:
Thanks 1000 for the help. It works just like I wanted.
When I was young I had to study more mathematics


Hi @petruuccios
just corrected my Watch Face giving you well deserved credits
Thank you


Hey @diavo you might like to look at #VAR_1_TE# . I know it is not what you are doing on that watch but you might be Intrested .

Hi @russellcresser
I don’t know #VAR_1_TE# . It’s a new function? Can you explain to me what is it for? Where is that VAR located?
In the creator I always see the usual VARs. Increment/Decrement/Toggle/Reset
I have to say however that @petruuccios he is a wizard when it comes to simplifying things.

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Yeah it is so good to have Peter about . that VAR TE is like a Chrono .select an Incremental VAR and put #VAR_X_TE# in a text box .it is the Sam’s as the Chrono count but easier to use for Opacity I think . Good to be in touch with you .
Sorry I don’t think it is new at All .

At the end of the list.


VAR means variable, it is just name for a number, number that can be manipulated by user. That TE means time elapsed, so it is another number that grows with milliseconds since the corresponding VAR was changed.


Hi @russellcresser & @petruuccios
Thanks for your replies. I will explore this new, at least for me, Variable.
And yes, russel i like to be again in touch with you and the community.
I’ve never actually abandoned the community, but if I don’t have anything to say/ask, I stay behind the scenes.
Anyway every morning I read the new posts

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Yeah .I am going to Slip into the Audiance and watch the Show . I have been spending more time in correspondence as opposed to Making Faces .