How to have second hand have a ticking animation?

Hello, I am new here so apologies in advance if I make any mistake.

How do I create a second hand which has a ticking animation?
I have managed to make a second hand which lurches forward every second, but I want one that visibly (and quickly) rotates towards the next second, if that makes sense.

I don’t want the smooth second hand, essentially I want a second hand that smoothly lurches forward and takes around 0.1 seconds to get to the next second every second, as if it was a physical ticking second hand.

Hopefully I managed to get my question across.

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To have one tick per second use #DWFS# in the rotation box. For six tics per second use (round(#DWFSS#)) and it will do just what you are requesting.

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Sorry, but this isn’t what I meant. I want something which probably uses the accel/decel thing. I want it to tick once every second but move quickly to the next ticks in between the ticks

OK now I understand. Try this one instead:


That is from this thread Custom Second Hand Malfunction on Fossl Watch.

Thank you so much! This is perfect!

Nevermind, for whatever reason on my watch it lurches to the 12 position and back down to the second again?

On the linked page Custom Second Hand Malfunction on Fossl Watch there are more than just that one version of the expression. Also you might want to check my test watch face for different second hand and see how many of them work on your watch. MAG 670 - TEST ONLY By the way just what watch are you working with? That expression worked on my TicWatch E (which later died) and it was finicky and didn’t like anything. I just loaded the my test face into my TicWatch C2 and the code that didn’t work for you is also not working in my test watch now. BUT one of the alternate codes that does the same thing is working in the TicWatch. This is the original alternate version that @mikeoday wrote and might work for you