How to insert "to do"

How to insert “to do” list from my calendar to my faces?

If you have “PRO” privileges the closest you could come would be to create a direct link to your calendar.

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I don’t understand, cause my AppleWatch as a complication for that, and I don’t " see" where.
And yes I am a Pro

You’ll have to wait for someone who does Apple watch faces. I have two strikes against me, #1 I’m a free user and #2 I don’t know anything about Apple watches. You might want to amend your post title to include Apple Watch.


The Apple Watch creator provides a direct link to your calendar. Select the desired complication or module on the left column, scroll right on the lower banner that appears, and select Calendar. I don’t think there’s a way for Facer to infer “to do” from the app directly