How to make a circle draw around the edge

Apologies because I’m sure this has been asked before but I’m having trouble describing it and none of the searches I’ve tried have come up with anything.

I’m trying to make something like this, but without the fade effect. Just a simple circle that goes around until it completes the circle, then resets.

I’ve seen the excellent guide here that discusses how to move an image around the edge, but I haven’t been able to figure out the rest.

Can anyone suggest what this is called or a guide that would help me make this?


Hi @doctor_ew
It sounds like you’re after this tutorial by @Tomas :

Hope it helps.


Thanks for the link, this is a good start but it looks like this moves in sections rather than smoothly. I may be able to modify it to do what I want, I think I’ve seen options for rotation that may be what I need to put this together using your link.


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