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How to make a planet different according to the time

Hello there,
I recently saw someone who made a Watch Face with a planet in the background, who changed according to the time (at night the planet will be dark, and in a day, it will be illuminated). I would like to know how to do it in Facer Creator.
Thanks a lot

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You can have several images on your watch face, and you simply change the opacity value of each image according to time. So something like, show when it is PM:


and the second image would be the opposite:


Of couse you can also use other time tags for deciding when you want to show an image. Either way, you can to a lot with conditionals.

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Alright, Thanks

That will not work everywhere. That tag is localized (on my watch/locale they are “a.m.” and “p.m.”), better use one of the hour tags if you want a fixed time:

  • $#DH#>=12?0:100$ and #DH>=12?100:0$ for switching at noon and midnight.
  • $#DH#>=6&&#DH#<18?0:100$ and $#DH#>=6&&#DH#<18?0:100$ for switching at 6 am and 6 pm

There are also other possibilities, like switching at sunrise/sunset…


I didn’t understand where do I set this? Do I have to select an image or a sequence and place my images? And what’s next?
Thanks a lot

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You can make 2 image layers and put the expressions in the opacity field

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Thanks for pointing out the AM / PM thing @ThaMattie . I guess if Facer was to be fair to the rest of the Planet I might be completely Different in another Language . Or is it Always Latin .

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