How to make seconds counter vertical instead of horizontal

I am trying to design a watch face that includes a second counter where the digits are listed vertically with a leading zero. This would mean that if it were at 25 seconds, for example, the 2 would be on top of the 5. or for another example if it were at 8 seconds there would be a 0 over top of an 8.

Hopefully, that makes sense, but please feel free to ask clarifying questions. I appreciate any and all help,.

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The elegant, easier for making harder to find source way would be, to find suitable font, that has all glyphs (or at least the digits) turned 90° left, so you just turn the text field with #DsZ# 90° right. There are not many.

More reliable way is to split the seconds into two fields above each other.
Top one with text (floor(#Ds#/10)) bottom one with text (#Ds#%10).


Thank you so much! That was exactly what I was looking for!


Welcome to the Facer Community @davidthegiantkiller where you can already see there is loads to learn and lots of helpful people too. Have fun creating :smiley:

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