How to make the background user customisable?

I am new to the Facer creator pro app and I am trying to create watch faces where the user themselves can change the backgrounds of a few watch faces but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to enable the function for them to do that. I can manually change it in the software but I was hoping there was a way for the user to do it themselves if I enable them to because we all have different tastes.

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Hello, did you read the docs about interactive variables? There is an example face with such function.

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I must’ve missed it. I’ll go back and look, thanks

Based upon those variables you can put it into the opacity to make specific items hide or show. Use a different background per variable. You can also change out between watch arms or other items that are showing based upon those variables. It is very powerful.

Inspection if i remember right Is Open,tap on Image for change