How to make to hide something if it is different than English

Hi, in the watches that I’ve been designing, I have added the st, nd, rd, th, for the day that it is, like 1st, 2nd, 3rd… but I’ve noticed than in other languages, ex, Spanish, they are not used the same way, my question is, what kind of variable or tag I can use to say if it isn’t in English, not to show?

Thank you for your help

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IMHO: This needs to be raised under category ‘Feature Request’ …

Good idea, I thought it already existed…

No, all they currently have are:

#DTIMEFORMAT# User’s preferred time format (12/24) i.e. 24
#UNITSYS# User’s preferred unit system (Imperial/Metric) i.e. IMPERIAL

They need: language (en-US/en-Intl/en-UK, fr, de, esp, etc.), date-format (dmy/ymd/mdy), hemisphere (northern/southern/equatorial), etc.

Also I would love if they can add tag to the transparency element in sequences