How to measure heartbeat for calorie?

Hello guys, first sorry about my english, its not so good.
I did my first watch face and some one commented to me and said:

“you guessed it the fire read my thoughts lol all that’s missing is the number of heartbeats equal to the calorie :+1: and that’s it…”

How do I calculate the number of heartbeat to the calorie I have made?
My calorie calculate is taken from here:

with (round((#ZSC#/20)))

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Welcome to the Community . The comment you got is a load of nonsense .

Well done on you Debut Face .Luckily you have Chosen to use a Company Logo that is not an Issue . You will find Copying some Logos will get your work Removed . You must learn to Duplicate your work before you Publish the Duplicate with Title revision .

What you can do is pulse the Calorie count in time with the Heart Beat but that is about it .
Calories per Heart beat is nonsense . But it could be , Total calories burnt so far DEVIDED BY total heart beats so far . It is a lot of Maths and complete nonsense . I could do the Maths but I really feel it is a waste of time .

Just Have Fun .sometimes you have to Ignore some comments . Just say the work is Beyond your Skills .


Ha Ha . Sorry I made a Big mistake . I think your Commentator was talking about Resting Calories . Of course the Heart uses Calories while you are asleep and resting . But so do the other Organs . Here is a Formula that accumulates Resting calories base on an average during the course of the day . It is only a guess . That is added to the commonly accepted Formula From TOMAJA .

Get back if you are still not sure .


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Hi, based on his earlier comments “in calorie bro old man you put the drawing of the fire and you also leave the size of the number of beats equal to the calorie and the date there ready bro it was already perfect down there everything was ok just do that more and that was it”
I think he asks for unifying of the text fields font sizes.

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Read Twice Reply Once . :rofl: :joy: :+1:

Don’t pay too much attention to the comments… many times people write so stupid things…

There is no way to relate calories to heartbeat, that’s just crazy.

Formulas for calories that I use:
total daily calories:

calories burned by walking:

or what russellcresser says.

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No No . What he said . He is a Walker :::)))

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