How to move faces to new watch

When it comes time to get a new watch, how do I move watch faces to new device?

You should have your purchased faces in the watchbox section in the phone app. You just connect the new watch to the phone and sync from the watchbox.

Thanks for the quick reply, Carlos. My phone watchbox has all the watch faces I saved with the heart (like) button while I was browsing but none of the 12 faces I have in my Active 2 watch that I installed through the Premium “membership.” So, if they aren’t showing up in my “purchased” area, how can I move faces to new watch?

If you are premium you don’t need to move any face… Just search for the faces in the app and sync to the new watch… Obviously, you have to connect the new watch to your phone first…

Please clarify something for me. I will not be a premium member forever. After I decide not to renew my membership, are all the faces I’ve installed during my paid membership mine to keep and download to the new watch or am I just “renting” those watch faces now?
That is a game changer if my paid membership does not allow me to keep the watch faces. I might as well have just purchased the faces I like without the membership fee.

In premium subscription youre renting the faces while you pay the membership. If you want to keep the faces forever you have to buy them… Its the only way. Purchased faces are yours no matter the watch you use and they are in your account in your phone…

Carlos, there are a few watch faces I want to buy while I’m a premium member. How do I do that? My only choice is the blue premium button but as a member if I click on that button it will just download to my watch. How do I buy it? Thanks

Well, that’s a tricky one because Facer doesn’t have that option. The only workaround is to let the subscription expire, buy all the watches you want, and then re subscribe to premium. So, if you have an anual subscription, it will be a while until you can purchase an individual face…
Or, just thinking, doesn’t buy anything until you decide no to be premium any more. Then buy the faces you want :man_shrugging:t3: